Update on scouting in 1st Roffey – Covid-19 and AGM reminder

19 August 2020

This is just an update on what is happening with 1st Roffey scouts after the summer break.

We are all working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver scouting to our 1st Roffey members and working towards face to face section meetings once again. We are following the guidelines set out by The Scout Association with regard to the new covid-19 regulations so that we can offer a safe environment in which our members can meet.

Please be patient, we know its difficult and everyone is very keen to get back to how we were, but we have to make sure that the 1st Roffey team can deliver scouting to our members in an environment that is safe for all.

Updates will be sent out by email to all our members before the new term starts, so please watch your in boxes.

We are planning our AGM for the 20th September 2020 at 8pm, this will be an online Zoom meeting, in this will will take the opportunity to update you all on our progress with regard to the return of face to face scouting and also cover the standard AGM protocols, so please attend if you can.

All documents regarding the AGM are available under the AGM PAPERS page of this website.

Thank you.

Graham Maskell (Chairman)