Badges for Cubs to earn

The first badge that a Cub Scout has is earn is their Membership Badge, by knowing their Promise and Law.

There are 33 Activity Badges that a Cub can earn, from Artist to Home Help to Skater. Activity badges can also be earned through non-Scouting activities, so if you think that you have achieved any badge requirements, talk to a Cub Leader.

There are also six staged activity badges, which can be worked on during your entire time in Scouting, from Beaver all the way through to Explorers! These badges are:

  • Emergency Aid
  • Hikes Away
  • Information technology
  • Musician
  • Nights Away
  • Swimmer

There are also seven Challenge Badges that can be earned by Cubs. They are:

  • The Promise Challenge
  • The Community Challenge
  • The Creative Challenge
  • The Fitness Challenge
  • The Global Challenge
  • The Outdoor Challenge
  • The Outdoor Plus Challenge.

Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the highest award that a Cub can earn. To get this badge, a Cub must complete the following Challenge badges:

  • Promise Challenge
  • Creative Challenge
  • Community Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Global Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge

Badge Placement

Badges should be placed on your Cub uniform as shown below (click to enlarge):