Moving up to Scouts

If your child is moving up from the Cub Pack to the Scout Troop soon, or joining as a new Scout, then you may find the following information helpful.

When and where:  

7 – 9pm, Thursday evenings

Scout Hut unless otherwise advised. (Most Troop meetings in the summer term are at the Colgate campsite)


Scouts wear a green shirt and the same blue scout activity trousers worn by Beavers and Cubs. Until your child is invested he or she should continue to wear Cub uniform. We have a small supply of second hand Scout shirts and trousers so please use the contact form under ‘Uniform Shop’ to send a message with your requirements, or follow the link below.

Also, during warmer weather, Scouts can wear the blue 1st Roffey t-shirt with blue shorts or activity trousers. The 1st Roffey T-shirt, 1st Roffey sweatshirt, and blue uniform trousers or shorts will be needed for scout camps.

 Code of conduct:

A copy of this is available here. We do expect certain standards of behaviour from Scouts and would like your support as parents.


We invest new Scouts when we feel they are settled in the Troop. You will be notified in advance of the investiture.


1st Roffey is a very active Troop. There is much more to Scouts than attending once a week. We provide a full programme of hiking, canoeing, camping, climbing, caving and other traditional outdoor activities, together with a programme of scouting skill based activities on Troop evenings.

It is in our experience that the young people who really enjoy their Scouting are the ones who take part in activities. As a lot of these are at weekends we need your support to encourage your son or daughter to take part.

 Equipment and costs

Unfortunately, there is a cost to taking part. Those Scouts who hike regularly will need good quality, waterproof walking boots, good walking socks, waterproof coat and trousers and a good size day sac. As a Group we do have quite a supply of second hand boots and waterproofs that can be borrowed but we do ask you to return them once your child has outgrown them.

For camping, you will need to provide a good quality sleeping bag (3/4 season lightweight) A kit list is issued before each camp but there are some things that will always be needed. Two, preferably three, fleeces will be needed. Summer camps are often cold and wet! Fleece jumpers are warm and dry very quickly. Cotton  sweatshirts are not adequate!

 Dates to note:            

  • Scout summer camp is always the first week of the summer holidays (we leave on the first Saturday after school break up) and we are away for a week. Average cost is about £180 and there is a ‘camp-bank’ facility.
  • Kayaking starts in early June for 6 weeks at Southwater Country Park
  • Weekend camps – we usually have at least one weekend camp in May/ June. Generally Scouts cannot attend a summer camp if they have not taken part in a weekend camp.

Scout Leaders:

Craig Richardson – Scout Leader