Bingo Night Update

8 July 2018

Bingo Night 2018 Update
Here is an update on our recent, extremely entertaining and successful Bingo Night along with a few photos.
As always, our Group Chairman Graham did the honours as MC with his wife Vanessa operating the Bingo machine.
Halfway through we held a pudding auction where desserts donated by volunteers were auctioned to the highest bidder; plates, bowls and cutlery available for immediate consumption of course!
This year we had some really delicious homemade delights that raised record prices but we also had some more modest options for those watching their waist lines.
Those who attended all had a great time as the event engaged with the whole family including a children’s prize and an adult prize for every round and a bumper prize for the last round of half the round takings.
The total funds raised on the night was £236 of which £75 came from the pudding auction. How fantastic is that?
We are hoping that match funding from one of our Exec member’s employers might double that which would be really fabulous.
If you can get match funding from your employer why not let us know?
We will undoubtedly be running this again next year so we hope to see you all there.
To those who attended, thanks for your outstanding support. To those who couldn’t make it we hope this will kindle your thoughts and you will be able to make it next year.
Our thanks to Vicky and the rest of our Group Executive fundraising team for organising this.