Covid19 – All scouting suspended

3 May 2020

A Note from your GSL Chris Sillett:

The Scout Association has instructed that all Scouting activities must cease with immediate effect and this ban on activities will run at least until after the Easter holiday. By then it will be reviewed again and further instructions issued.
This is obviously going to impact on our centenary celebrations as well as our normal Scouting programme but these are minor issues when compared to the impact that many of our Roffey families may suffer as a result of this pandemic. Our overiding responsibility is to keep our young members, adult volunteers and their families safe so it’s a small price to pay.
Sadly the annual St George’s Day parade is unable to continue as planned. I am very grateful to all the leaders and young members who have worked so hard to deliver a truly memorable presentation for this event. I’m bitterly disappointed that all their hard work will not be on show to the whole of the District. Believe me when I say it was going to be awesome so very well done.
All is not yet lost. The District is keen to reschedule this event until later in the year and to reshape it for this year only into something slightly different as we cannot be celebrating St George except in April. I am working hard to ensure that 1st Roffey is involved in the reshaping process and leads whatever event materialises. Watch this space.
I am keen to ensure that 1st Roffey Scout Group continues to support our families and volunteers throughout the coming months. We have created a new FaceBook page that will be open to all of our adult volunteers and parents where we aim to provide a forum where you can swap positive news with each other as well as giving you a chance to swap activity ideas for our young members to have a go at. We will no doubt throw in a few skills to learn and challenges to complete. I have no idea where this idea will take us but we would like everyone to get involved and show each other how much we care and what Scouting is all about.
The FaceBook Group is “1st Roffey Scouts go virtual!”. 

If you have any other ideas that we can consider, please feel free to contact the leader team.