We have a very active fundraising section at 1st Roffey scout group, many events are planned throughout the year, so please support these if you can.

Our fundraising efforts since 2018 have successfully raised funds for a new floor, as you can imaging this was no small project and needed some major funding, this was obtained via the hard work and dedication of the 1st Roffey Executive Committee.

But we cannot stand still there are still many more improvements and additions we wish to make to 1st Roffey, whether its hut enhancements or stock changes, they all need funding, this is where you as parents or friends come in.

Horsham Lottery- We now have a Horsham District Community Lottery Page – Support local causes and you could win £25000 – 50% of all tickets sold goes to us – Tickets are only £1 per week –  to buy your tickets go to:

and search for “1st Roffey Scouts”

We have also secured a place in the Co-Op local causes donation scheme, all you have to do is go to the co-op website, login as your rewards account and change your preferred local cause to 1st Roffey Scouts, this will mean that every time you buy a co-op product and scan your card we get a percentage of that donated to us, its easy.

Here’s the unique link for our cause:

Please pass this information onto friends and family, thank you.

How can you help???

We know many of you are busy and don’t have a great deal of time to give but we would like to create a list of people who are happy to be ‘occasional helpers’. Maybe you could bake? Help with some maintenance at the hut? Help set up or run an event? Sell raffle tickets? Donate a raffle prize? Does your employer match funding or provide funds/prizes/grants?

Many thanks,

Vicky Cole

1st Roffey Fundraising Committee