2018 District Raft Race

27 June 2018

We entered two teams in this year’s raft race at Southwater Lake; one for those aged 12 and over and one for those aged under 12.

Both teams built sturdy craft which not only survived being manhandled to the lake but also being thrown in and then paddled in two separate races.

As always, we enter this for fun and don’t take our raft racing that seriously. As expected we didn’t win anything which was just as well as our GSL had promised to enter the adult race in the clothes he was wearing if they had done!

Maybe next year? However, our Scouts did have the biggest smiles and of course, they were robbed of victory by the underhand tactics of other teams. They were looking where they were going and paddling in unison whereas our Scouts were mostly looking backwards and working hard at defeating each other.

A big thanks to all the parents who came to support us. And a big thank you to all the Scouts who missed the first part of a record breaking England world cup game to take part. That is real loyalty – well done.