Weekend Basher Camp 2012

Scouts wanted a weekend camp in the Bashers…..   Colgate Campsite here we come, good chance to finish the drainage and Fire circle.

20 Scouts came up for the Weekend of labour intensive work, weather started out sunny and we all had a great time working on various projects.

All the Fresh air and hard work took its toll on some younger members and they decided to go to bed early, as they got their head down we sat round a smallish fire when guess who came to visit……   Yep our new friend the RAIN!!!

It was not long before the torrent of rain had washed through a few basher and everything was sodden –  A steep learning curve for some Scouts and who now realise the reason for Dave and the leaders going on about keeping your gear dry and why!!

The more unfortunate Scouts had to be divided in to a number of emergency applications – the Mess tent with benches bound together and the back of a White van….. just adds to the excitement and adventure.

Sunday Morning at 7AM our brave soldiers woke and were ready for a hearty warming breakfast, expect for 2 young Scouts……  David Ridgell and Kieran Boulton who were still wrapped up in the Bivvy bags, seeming to comfortable to wake, it took a few attempts to raise them…..  eventually the heroes are removed from the sleeping bags to a round of applause for staying out in the Bashers all night ( 9 in total managed the whole night out in the Basher in torrents of Rain. Well done all of you. )

The days were a little damp but we trudge on and split into teams some pioneering some collecting wood and other finishing what we need to do at the fire circle……  it was a Dull day but everyone remained in good spirits.

Well Done all the WET weekend Badges are well deserved!!!

Sleeping scouts zzzzzz