Pumpkin Trail was a success – Thank you everyone

5 November 2017


 Thank you all for your support yesterday. It was a great day!
The turnout was excellent and I was especially pleased to see 1st SLF taking up my offer to attend.
As we sold out of trail maps we think we had 50+ youngsters taking part in the afternoon, each with a parent/parents/grandparents so at least 100 people altogether.
As always, without help from all of you we could not stage this event.
The cakes were brilliant and added to the appeal of the day. Thanks to all of you who slaved over a hot oven to produce them.
We also had a good turnout in the evening from the Scouts who tried to find the pumpkins in the dark without a map. We did put tea lights in the pumpkins to try and help  but still a big ask.
Well done to them for carving the pumpkins on Friday night and for their enthusiastic Halloween antics last night!
People sometimes ask me what makes 1st Roffey such a great Scout Group. The answer is simple.  YOU DO.
Chris Sillett
Group Scout Leader
1st Roffey Scout Group