Horsham District Raft Race 2017

13 July 2017

Date: Sunday 9th July 2017

Location: Southwater Lake

 1st Roffey yet again put on a fantastic show at the district raft race, we had two very well constructed, sturdy rafts, one manned by a team of young members 12years and under, the other manned by an older team of 13 years and over.

Both of these crafts were a credit to the skill of the builders and the guidance of the leaders, where many of the rafts from other groups hardly got wet before disintegrating, it was a joy to watch our young members power through all the races without a barrel going astray, rope unraveling or passenger being abandoned overboard.

This event is fun, it’s the taking part, having fun and learning a little about construction that is important, obviously to win would be nice, but as far as we are concerned the smile on the young members faces wins every time, and our members did not stop smiling even when one craft had steering issues and the other was subject to some dirty tricks by another group.

A huge congratulations to both our crews, you had fun and you did 1st Roffey proud.

 More pictures will be available to see at our AGM on the 17th September, put the date in your calendar.

Raft building, eh ….. Don’t worry I’ll Google it!!