South Downs Link Bike Ride 2017

21 May 2017

21st May 2017.

Object: To ride the South downs link from Bramley to Bramber.

30 Scouts and parents set off in the early morning from the scout hut, bikes in a lorry, scouts in the minibus and a variety of support vehicles, destination was Bramley in Surrey where the scouts would join the South Downs link and start their epic day of cycling. 

Total distance to cover would be approximately 28miles, with 8 refreshment stops at which each team would answer 10 questions in the pit stop challenge, these ranged from identifying flags, sharks, birds to chief scouts, plus a smattering of general knowledge. 

The scouts were split into 3 teams, each one had sufficient adults and leaders in relation to the number of scouts. Abilities and experience was spread evenly amongst the teams, this enabled the pace to be steady and controlled. 

The first pit stop at Cranleigh (4.8 miles) was uneventful, apart from some of the senior members of the teams who started to question their sanity! 

The checkpoint teams did a fantastic job in keeping the riders watered, fed and motivated. 

Everyone stopped for lunch at the village hall in Copsale (17 miles), stories were being bantered around, questions were being asked, mainly around whether Dave would keep going, and was it possible for him to stay upright whilst not actually moving!? 

The weather was fantastic, lunches had been consumed, water bottles had been refilled and sun lotion was administered. All teams set off on the final 11 miles to Bramber Castle, but with two more pit stops to visit, two more sets of fiendishly difficult questions, it was still all to play for with regard to which team would win the pit stop challenge. 

After 28 miles of cycling all teams completed the route and arrived at Bramber Castle, in one piece, a little sore maybe, but with a smile, to be greeted by the smell of Craig and Ashley cooking hot dogs, well we think that was the smell, although Ashley did have his socks off!! 

GSL Chris was there to congratulate all for completing the ride. After all the hotdogs were consumed, cold squash, tea and coffee drunk, it was time to make our way back to the scout hut, bikes loaded in the lorry, tired scouts on the minibus and all support vehicles accounted for, a thoroughly good day had by all. 

Back at the scout hut Dave presented Team 2 with the prize for winning the Pit Stop Challenge, a fantastic effort, although the jealousy from other teams was evident, jeers of cheat, we were robbed and how did we lose, was ringing in the ears of the winners. 

A fantastic day had by all, roll on next year, although that may be too soon for some!