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Cub Camp Report & more pics!

1 July 2014
Over the weekend of 20 – 22 June we had the annual Cub pack camp.  As is usual for the Roffey cub camp the weather was on our side.  A glorious weekend of sun and warmth.
Camp commenced on Friday evening with the cubs arriving at Beacon Hill to find nowhere to sleep until they put up their own tents, which they did successfully.
A wide came was organised by the Young Leaders and the evening finished with cocoa and cake.  The cubs actually slept quite well for a first night at camp and woke to a hearty breakfast of cereals,eggy bread and bacon.
The day was full of activities, starting with making ballistas and then competing to see who could fire a ping pong ball and a bean bag the furthest.  The cubs then made hurdles which were then used as part of a mini olympics.
Then another shock for the cubs.  No tea evening meal until they cooked it.
Spaghetti Bolognese was prepared and cooked to everyone’s satisfaction.  Another evening wide game and then a campfire where the cubs presented what they had found out about various of the countries taking part in the World Cup.
Then to bed and a very good nights sleep.  Breakfast on Sunday was the same as Saturday (no imagination the cub leaders)  but plates were cleared.
It was then time to break camp.  Bags were packed and then tents taken down and safely stored.  Another wide game to conclude the camp, with finally the presentation of awards for the wining teams in the various events.
Thanks go to Akela for organising the programme, Bagheera for being camp cook, Shanti and Kaa for all their hard work, the Young Leaders, James, Oscar and Owen for running many of the activities and dad Tim Cornich who came to help and had as much, if not more, fun as the cubs
1st Roffey Cub Camp 2014
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