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We did it!! Overland Champions

25 March 2014

1st Roffey Scouts win the coveted Overland Hike competition at the Weekend  22nd /23rd March 2014.

The competition is one of the most difficult Hike events that we as a Scout group take part in… The competition is open to Scouts over 12 years old and Explorer Scouts up to 18 years old.
Scouts / Explorers are in a team of 4 and have to walk for 25 miles ( sometimes more if navigation skills not so good) somewhere on the South Downs.
The hike is a high standard initiative test in Scouting and General Knowledge, together with a test of hiking and navigational ability, a wide knowledge of map and compass is required to negotiate the route with particular emphasis on Grid references and compass bearings.

The Competition has been running since 1968.The hike is open to any Scouts or Explorers but until this year has only been open to Troops and Units from East and West Sussex. It takes place around Easter time, the end of March or start of April. The start and end points are kept secret until the week before, but are normally somewhere between Chichester and Eastbourne.

The Scouts and Explorers Hike approximately 15 miles on the Saturday and 10 Miles on the Sunday. There are incidents such as knotting, first aid, cooking or crisp tasting, at any 1 of  14 checkpoints they visit during the Hike. Naturally being a two day hike everything for the weekend has to be carried in rucksacks with a maximum team weight limit of 44 Kgs for Explorers and 40Kgs for Scout teams, including the rucksack. Nothing will be supplied except for equipment necessary for checkpoint incidents. Should any one member of the team have to withdraw for any reason, unfortunately the whole team will be withdrawn.

Points are awarded for the incidents as well as for hiking at a speed of 3 miles per hour. after the first day they arrive at the campsite.

During the evening teams are marked on their campcraft, menus, cooking of the evening meal and how tidy they leave their allocated site.

It is about TEAMWORK!!

West Sussex have not won the Event for 10 years ( 1st Leonards Forest – 2004) breaking the East Sussex hold on the trophy that they work so hard to regain every year.

This the First time in 20 years of entering the competition that 1st Roffey have won so this is the BIGGEST WIN ever in our Scout group history.

It was also our first all GIRL team that had been entered, Heather, India, Alice and Kirsty.

They won in style by 16 points which is a lot in the competition usual it is only by 1-5 points.



All our teams Scores

Scout Team 31 = 1st Position – 608 points

Explorers Team 75 = 13th Position – 639 points ( Oscar, Louis, Owen & Jacob  also with a sprained ankle )

Explorers team 74 = 19th Position – 618 points  ( David, James, Paul & Christian)

District Team 51 = 3rd   Position – 692 points  ( Annabel, Megan, Julia & Eve)

Sadly Team 5 did not finish – but will be back next year for another go……

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