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Most Improved Scout of The Year

23 May 2013

Owen                                           AGM 2013                                   22/05/2013      21:54

“I am so happy to receive Most Improved Scout of The Year. I couldn’t do much one and a half years ago and what I have got to know I could not have done that without all of the scout leaders which have helped and pushed me to beat my fears and be a stronger person. 18 months back Dave had a discussion with me saying “You don’t seem to be coming on any events, why not kayaking, I couldn’t swim. Why not cycling, I couldn’t ride a bike” Then the plan came in, I would do the six week kayaking course to see how I do and I finished it. Dave taught me the basics of riding a bike, now I know the basics.

Without Dave and the other leaders I would not have any self confidence and I would still be afraid.  The leaders won’t force you to do anything you definitely don’t want to do but the will want you to have a go. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the scout leaders for helping me along the whole scout journey and getting me to my Gold Award and Most Improved Scout of The Year.”

Thank You