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Cubs Update

26 April 2013

Firstly the pack entered two teams into the District Chess Tournament.  One of the teams came second and won the plate. The successful team was, from left to right, Benjamin Stoute, Jack Roberts, Owen Menzies-White and Daniel Senior.

The pack now has a new Akela.  I have stepped down and have become Bagheera and Gareth Whymark (my son!) has taken over the role of Akela.  The last photo is him being re-invested into 1st Roffey (he was a cub and a scout) as a leader by our GSL.  The other photos are, from left to right me, Gareth, Shanti – Lyn Peckham-Hunt, Kaa – John Boulton, Chil – Rachel Laker and Ashley Clarke a former Beaver, Cub Scout and Explorer now with the Scout Network who is a regular helper with the pack.

leaders 131

Chess Tournament winners

leaders 129

Akela – Gareth Whymark

leaders 125

Bagheera – Graham Whymark

leaders 121

Kaa – John Boulton

leaders 120

Shanti – Lyn Peckham-Hunt

leaders 124

Chil – Rachel Laker

leaders 122

Ashley Clarke


Graham Whymark