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Scouts Local Hike 17 Feb

30 March 2013

7/02/13 Local 12 mile Hike

We had a local hike from the Frog and Nightgown in Faygate out to Rusper woods and down past the Nunnery, were the Scouts found a see saw of old Oak trees.  They thought it would be funny see how many Scouts it took to balance the leader…..
After 20 mins of messing around they final managed to arrange to correct group to balance the Leader, then all jumped off to see how fast the leader would fall…..  hahaha
2013-02-17 11.46.06 2013-02-17 11.41.34
We made it another 1/2 mile and then found a river to play in from a high top bridge making nice splashy noises  and pushing each other down the bank and helping them up again only to push them back down was great fun – another 20 mins had flown by before we got a call from Dave to find out where we were.
Finally got to Newdigate for our Lunch and a drink….
The Second leg was a little more difficult to navigate as through one of the farms the SLUDGE was everywhere although Dylan the Dog had no concerns and was belly deep in the stinky stuff and had a lovely colour when he got to the other side.
After trying to wash him off in the puddles we carried on the the finish at the top of Faygate where Dave was waiting with Doughnuts…..  YUM!!