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2 Rings Hike

18 December 2012
Report from John Fitzpatrick
Firstly a massive well done to all the Scouts that took part in the 2 rings Hike, our BIGGEST team entry number so far.
:2012 2 Rings Hike Times and Points Control (1)
:2012 2 Rings Hike Team Positions (1)
The 10.8 mile figure of 8 course took us up the Chantry hill and Cissbury ring the views are stunning and the wind blew but dry and great for walking.
Team 2 was our first Scout team home – Well done to them it was great to hear the stories from their walk & see the satisfaction of completion
Team 1 was the next team in – Well done to them and some more great stories followed….
Team 3 & 4 successfully completed the bases. Overcome some fairly big challenges during the day both team did a great job.

Team 1                              Team 2                                    Team 3                               Team 4 
Max Moore                    Oliver Whorwood                      Ollie Field                          Paul Ambrose 
Heather Lindfield            Louis Timperley                         Christian Smith                Will Salter 
David Ridgell                  Alice Rhodes                             Owen Duda                        Myles Edwards
India Belfield                  Ben Scammell                           Ben Dendura                     Joseph Menzies White 
George Power                 Ed Saunders                             Kirsty Silvester                 Jorden Monk
                                       Keiran Boulton                          Ed Burnden
Thank you to Deanne , Charlotte & Bill  for driving us around so early on a Sunday morning
Also double Thanks,  Will Belfield, Sharon Newman & Bill Scammell who made up a leaders team to walk as well, joined by Grizzly and Chris  (1st Shipley ) also driving the Scouts back and forth.
1st Roffey could not do it without all the parent support, including Heather and John who helped at the Kit check Friday night before.
Mad March and Overland next on the list……