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55TH Jamboree on the Air

23 September 2012

34th Jamboree on the Air in Horsham

Venue: Christ’s Hospital Scout Headquarters,
Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham.
Date October 20/21st 2012

To all in Horsham Weald & West, Beavers,Cubs,Scouts,Explorers,Network,Fellowship,Parents and friends you are welcome to come and learn about the fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio; including packet radio, digital communications (PSK 31), Slow scan television,
Morse code, and computer logging etc.

Come and talk to other Scouts and Amateur radio stations around the world (we are allowed to let unlicensed people pass messages to a number of countries) record your contacts in a log that can be used towards the Communicators badge. Fill in cards to be sent as confirmation of the contact and brush up on your geography by plotting their position on the display maps.

We have the assistance of the Horsham Amateur Radio Club, with the provision of some of the equipment and operators to back up the Radio Scouting Amateurs.

To make the contacts interesting, please bring along brief details of something you would like to talk about, for example: description of your group and their activities, your hobbies and/or other interests. You can also list down any questions you would like to ask the other Scout stations on the air.

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For more information please contact:
Peter Head Radio Advisor Weald & West Districts.
Tel: 01903 263179 Mobile: 07917162573