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1st Roffey Cub Camp 2012

9 June 2012

Cub camp this year was at our own Colegate camp site, so we were on familiar territory and all went very smoothly during the day, with the usual hike and assorted camp activities, culminating with the traditional scouting camp fire sing alone, with Dave White along to help!

Overnight however things didn’t go as well with the leaders and most of the cubs having a disturbed sleep as a couple of Cubs struggled with it being there first time away and home sickness. As a result camp ended a couple of hours earlier than planned!

The Cubs pulled together and supported each other in true scouting fashion and camp was a great success, albeit a tiring one for all involved!

Cub Camp: Camp Fire Singalong

Cub Camp: Lowering the flag

Cub Camp: Receiving instructions by the Mess Tent