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Scouts go Hike in Iping!

13 February 2012

This Sunday the Hike took us all to Iping a small village between Midhurst and Rogate.
Considering the Cold Snowy hard ground we had 14 Scouts, 2 Explorers, 2Leaders, 2 Dogs, 1 Dad, 1 Mum and a Daughter……   Well Done to you all.

Once loaded in to the Minibus and Jenny Silvester’s Car we head off to Iping in good spirits, arriving at our location around 10ish.

at the start we had a few issues with Map reading…..  this could be due to the Scouts being more interested in bundling a few team members and throwing snow balls at each other!!
the regular stop / start at the begining of the hike became quite a tedious effort and we wondered if we would ever get round the 15Km circuit in daylight!  Penalties HAD to be installed… PRESS UP’s for anyone found holding, hiding, or throwing SNOW!!!!  amazing that some Scouts wish to take it on…. Zoe FitzPatrick and Ollie Field…..

After a few hills and now getting warmed up the Scouts decided it was 11.15 and they needed 11es’ ( they cant miss out!!) so yet again we stop!!! Argh!!  some running fixes on toes from tight boots a cup of Tea and a Biscuit, 10 minutes later we are back on the trail but not for long before the next stop and another wrong turn!!!

The snow has become less of an issue now and the Scouts seemingly get back to the task of map reading and guess what…..   YES!! we know where we are and what the route should be…..   Whoo Hoo.

The Lunchstop was on time, we had made up the time lost in the early stages. 12.30 we stop at the Rising Sun in Milland.  The permission to use the facilities had been agreed with the Landlord –  drinks…..  Beer?   Oh i can’t possibly…….  oh gone on then as you have been so kind to us Mr Landlord…

It was soon time to return to our task and after the stop we are back on track through the fields and woods much to the delight of Charlie the Dog and with his new mate Wilf the Dog the speed of chasing what ever smells they could find…… not the Scouts.

After a short distance and a field full of horses that became very friendly and a little close to escaping a gate that had been opened we are about to take on a small distance of road, stopping for a brief moment to fix Dave who had some how broken the Zip in his trousers….   not that there is much to see but he said it was very drafty……

The Scouts had picked up a good speed on the road and we are soon heading back into the woods, Zoe had a problem with her knee so fell back and was walking with Dave while the rest marched on to the Minibus…..  We are now rocking along….

We got back in the village to the relief of some of the younger members who were getting tired now but they soldiered on and complete in good time.
While waiting for Dave and Zoe, who decide that they would walk an extra 1.5 miles to Trotton Farm just to prove that they can go the extra mile…..  or did they just miss the the track back to the minibus?  guess we will never know…..  hahaha

Overall a good day out.

Well Done to:
Zoe FitzPatrick, Oscar Rhodes, Oliver Whorwood, Oliver Field, Jordon Monk, Owen Duda, Kieran Boulton, India Belfield, Paul Ambrose, Heather Lindfield, Alice Rhodes, Christian Smith, Callum Joslin, Kirsty Silvester, James Lindlfield, Ashley Clark, Jenny and Holly Silvester, John Boulton, Charlie and Wilf the Dogs.

Where's my lunch then? Thought Charlie...